Skruffs 2 Kruffs Terms and Conditions of Service

Important Please Read

  • All customers once booking accepted are advised to read terms and conditions on website and are obligated to all below terms.

  • All customers must have their Dogs on a lead when coming to salon.

  • All customers must park in the designated parking area outside the salon and not on main driveway potentially blocking other residents or property owners.

  • Customers must not collect their dog until the groomer contacts them. At no time must they arrive before contacted. This may excite the dog and potential injury may occur if the dog sees or smells the owner and jumps up or becomes unmanageable. If this does occur and the dog cannot be completed, full cost may occur.

  • Customers are not permitted to pay for groom before it occurs as any complaints can be discussed and full refund or part refund agreed.

  • Customers can only claim on the salon insurance if the dog is presented in a non-neglected and in healthy condition. All health issues must be made aware to the groomer. This will be discussed with owner. An example of neglect situations is if a dog is very badly matted or emaciated resulting in increased potential for skin injury during the grooming procedure despite great care by the groomer. Vet bills will be the responsibility of the individual who neglected the dog.

  • All customers will be text the day before appointment for a reminder. If mobile phone number changed or given incorrectly this is responsibility of dog owner.

  • All customers will be made aware of the need to attend their appointments. Failure to cancel within 24 hour notice may result in full or partial charge for non-attendance.

  • All customers will be requested to give full name, address, telephone numbers and email if available. If refused then service may not be offered.

  • Payment will be made with cash, cheque or internet banking and must be made bfore leaving salon unless agreed with business owner.

  • All complaints will be taken very seriously.

  • All dogs will be cared for with utmost respect and never harmed.

  • Dogs will never be caged and will not be restrained unless needed to be for their safety. These Dogs will be slowly trained to accept eventual non restraint.

  • No dogs will be muzzled unless they need to be for their own safety as well as the groomers.

  • A muzzled dog will be slowly trained and reassured so that eventually muzzle removal will occur.

  • Due to the holistic nature of the business all customers will be given free advice about health, training, dog behaviour and any other issues which will help the owner manage their dog and improve the ownership relationship. All information is researched based and free of charge.